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A new addition to the family is exciting for everyone involved. The rising popularity of 3D ultrasounds is making them affordable to an increasing number of families. A 3D ultrasound usually starts at around $100 for a basic package, but there are many factors and add-ons that contribute to the increased price of other packages.
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Gender Reveal

Perhaps the most common reason to get a 3D ultrasound, the gender reveal ultrasounds are a way to get an early idea as to whether you’re having a boy or girl. We are able to start offering gender reveal 3D ultrasounds starting 15 weeks into your pregnancy. They cost $89 and get you a 10-minute ultrasound, 3 printed photos, a chance to listen to your baby’s heartbeat, and 10% off future ultrasounds.

Ultimate Gender Reveal Package

Any time after 15 weeks of pregnancy, we can offer you gender reveal 3D ultrasound. Our upgraded package doubles your time of seeing your precious baby with a 20-minute ultrasound and 6 printed photos. In addition to just listening to the heartbeat, you get a teddy bear with the recorded heartbeat inside. Pink and blue bears are available as a cute gender reveal option. This package costs $129 and qualifies you for 15% off future ultrasounds.

Basic 3D Ultrasound

These are available for families who want to get an extra look anywhere between 26-36 weeks into the pregnancy. These give a last peek of the baby before they make their grand entrance into the world. A 10 minute 3D/4D ultrasound costs $99 and includes finding out the baby’s position, listening to the heartbeat, and 4 prints. If you would like to confirm the baby’s gender, that can be added on for just $25.

Upgrade Your 3D Ultrasound

Upgrade your 3D ultrasound package to our Peek a Boo package between 26-36 weeks into pregnancy. With this package, we give you a DVD with music of your 10-minute ultrasound, 8 photo prints, a CD that contains 30-40 photos, and you get to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. This costs $149 and if you choose to come back before 34 weeks, you get your next 3D ultrasound for only $55.

Meet Baby and Plush Bear

If you really want the perfect keepsake of the later stages of pregnancy, this is our best package. This is the only 20-minute session offer we have for women between 26-36 weeks into pregnancy. This gets you a DVD with music, a CD with all the photos we can take of your baby, 12 printed photos, a chance to listen to your baby’s heartbeat, and a plush bear with the heartbeat recording. This package costs $189 and offers a $55 special if you want to come back and see us again before 34 weeks.

Bundle Your Ultrasounds and Watch Baby Grow

Many women want the early gender reveal and the chance to see how their baby has grown closer to the end of their pregnancy. This package is the perfect way to get both. We will help you schedule your gender reveal ultrasound anywhere between 15-27 weeks into your pregnancy.

This ultrasound will be 20 minutes long with a DVD, CD of images, 6 printed photos, a chance to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, and a recording of the heartbeat inside a plush bear. We will then help you schedule your second ultrasound sometime between 27-32 weeks where we will give you another 20-minute sneak peek of your baby. You will get another DVD of your ultrasound, CD of all images, and listen to your baby’s heartbeat again.

Treat yourself or a loved one this pregnancy with the unforgettable chance to see the baby early with a 3D/4D ultrasound. Beautiful memories are included in every package!

Ultrasound Packages

Early Sneak Peek


Basic 3D/4D


Gender Reveal Ultrasounds

Pink Or Blue..Which Is True?


Ultimate Pink or Blue & Plush Bear


3D/4D Ultrasound Sessions

Peek A Boo... I See You !!


Lets Meet Baby


Watch Your Baby Grow! ( Best Value )