Sneak a Peek at your baby !

We specialize in 3D/4D Ultrasound starting at 27 weeks - 34 weeks in pregnancy ! BRING YOUR FAMILY !

 Reserve your Ultrasound session to see your baby in 3D/4D ultrasound , get images on a CD or emailed , Dvd recording , picture prints , listen to baby's heartbeat and gender confirmation upon request.

The package that you choose is the amount of time , photos & photo prints . Upgrade your package to get more time , more photos & photo prints for only $40 more .

Our sessions do not exceed 25-30 min for your comfort . 

If the baby is in a bad position or hands are in the face , we invite you back at no charge to complete the service.

Please keep in mind if you are coming out of state or a few hours away , we may have to reschedule you based on factors that may interfere such as a position , placenta or hands in the face.  There are no refunds for any service completed . We try our best to complete your session and in most cases we do . If we don't at the first attempt within 20-30 min, you will be invited back for complementary session. 

To prepare for a session , go about your normal routine . You can eat and drink before the session. There is no need for a full bladder.

 It is great to drink a lot of water to get the best images and a healthy pregnancy !