Early Gender Reveal Sessions

He or She ... Come in to see ! ! 

We offer different options to find out the gender of your new baby such as

  • a private and intimate session with your husband & Children or best friends.


  • Place the gender in an envelope for you to share with a family at home on a different day


  • Bring the party to us ! Reserve a Gender reveal party at our beautiful office and we will provide the cupcakes , decorations & music along with the ultrasound

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Invite your family of 20-25 and share the moment with everyone here !  

We take the time to focus solely on determining the gender as early as 15 weeks in pregnancy .  If you are doing a Gender reveal party , come in at 16 weeks in pregnancy.

That is when the baby's gender is fully developed. Please keep in mind not all gender sessions before 20 weeks are not 100% . If the gender is not obvious at the initial session we will invite you back a week later to allow the gender to be more visible . Please refrain from announcing the gender until after your 20 week anatomy scan in which another ultrasound tech or doctor will reconfirm. 

You must be seen by a doctor to determine pregnancy & due date first before coming into our facility. We only require you provide your doctors information and we will contact them to confirm you are a patient. 

You can review the Packages on our website & choose the package when you come in.

If you are doing a gender reveal party , please arrange the party after your 20 week anatomy scan to have a second opinion. 




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