Are 3d Ultrasounds Safe?

Finding out you’re going to be a parent is joyous occasion. As time goes on, you start to wonder about the gender of your little bundle of joy. Thanks to modern-day technology, you’re usually able to see your baby’s gender before he or she is born.

With 3D ultrasounds, not only will you see what the gender is, you’ll also get to see your new baby’s face for the very first time! You might also wonder whether having an ultrasound is safe for both you and your baby. Read on to have your questions answered about 3D ultrasounds, their safety and their benefits (besides seeing your cute baby!).

What are 3D ultrasounds?

Just like their standard counterparts, 3D ultrasounds utilize sound waves in order to make an image of the baby in a woman’s womb. However, the main difference between the two entities is that 3D ultrasounds create a three-dimensional image instead of a two-dimensional one.

Many doctors use 3D ultrasounds because of the high definition capabilities, which make diagnosing potential birth defects much easier. Keep in mind that depending your insurance carrier, 3D ultrasounds may or may not be covered outside the realm of normal antenatal testing.

How is a 3D ultrasound performed?

Doctors perform 3D ultrasounds the same way they would with a standard one. In order to start the exam, the technician or doctor will rub some of the gel on the woman’s stomach and begin moving a tool known as the transducer across it. But why settle for a simple 3D image when you can see the baby actually move?

In addition to 3D ultrasounds, some obstetricians also offer the 4D ultrasound. With a 4D ultrasound, you’ll be able to see just what your baby is up to in the womb. They could be smiling, sucking their thumb or giving you a smirk, essentially letting you bond with your baby before it’s even born. And the best part is, the small video is recorded so you can take it home and watch it as many times as you want.

Are 3D ultrasounds safe?

Most studies confirm that 3D ultrasounds are safe. You may have heard that certain organizations such as the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) warn people that receiving an ultrasound just to see the face of your baby may not be the best idea, and that being exposed to too much radiation can cause serious harm to your baby.

However, since ultrasounds utilize sound waves, there is little risk of radiation exposure to you or your unborn child with a 3D ultrasound. It is a low-risk way to “meet” your baby and can also provide valuable information about your baby’s health.

As the demand for antenatal testing increases, so does the demand for 3D and 4D ultrasounds. From detecting fetal abnormalities to seeing your baby before it’s born, these sophisticated new imaging technologies open up a new world when it comes to being able to detect problems and develop treatment plans while your child is still in the womb.

It is still recommended that you wait until you are 16 weeks pregnant before having an ultrasound. If you’re over 16 weeks pregnant and cleared to have an ultrasound, contact Beautiful Beginnings. Our ultrasound services help you develop a deep bond with your baby before he or she is even born. Schedule an appointment today by calling us at 914-574-5420!

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